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Saturday, October 2, 2010

World to end?

Many people are saying that the world is to supposidly end on 21st December 2012, many prophets have predicted this such as Nostramdamus who predicted 9/11. Also the mayan calender ends on this date and many prophets believe this is the end of human life. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Its too easy to just say stuff like that without much substance.. I'm with momo, but yeah.

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  2. The world was also suppose to end in 2000 with the Y2K bug? or something like that wasn't it. I think its all a bunch of bullshit.

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  3. I also think its all just bull. Plus those people had to stop making a calendar sometime haha, but good question

  4. im pretty scared about that... well i got 2 years to make life awesome... and if it doesnt end then i guess i got some more time :)

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  6. Great post!

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  7. Is not the end, is just one new start, but The maya is very inteligent and her calendar is too exactly better than our

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  9. actually i don´t care, i live for today and don´t worry about tomorrow.

  10. its a load of phooey as far as im concerned. needless to say im gonna party big time the night before haha, just in case

  11. I never really took what Nostradomus had to say seriously.

  12. total crap, not only have multiple predictions in the past been wrong, but if there were any validity to this stuff scientists would be all over it doing research and the media would be covering it like crazy

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  14. Anything is possible. Sadly though, COINCIDENCES do happen, and if it is not, there is not much we can do to prevent any catastrophe's. Many people who believe in the Mayan's ending calendar think the world is suppose to end, when in fact, it is stated "This will be an age of new enlightenment", or something of that substance, thus, it is not the end of the world we are talking about, but if anything, a new beginning to new time!